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SIMUL8 2012 has arrived

If you’re familiar with SIMUL8 you’ll know how dedicated we are to developing fast, powerful, and easy to use simulation software. So we’re very happy to announce the launch of SIMUL8 2012, our latest solution for fast, flexible simulation modeling.


It’s been a very busy, and indeed exciting year at SIMUL8 HQ preparing for our latest release of software. With a vision of getting every process improver using simulation to help with decision making, there was a large focus on making simulation easy for both non-users and users alike to let anyone develop simulation skills.

There were big steps taken to make this possible and the upgrade from SIMUL8 2011 showcases new features that enhance the SIMUL8 experience for our users, as well as adding new dimensions by introducing Value Stream Mapping and well as supporting business process management by integrating BPMN 2.0 with simulation functionality for a whole business solution.

The biggest, although subtle difference has been a name change of the simulation objects – a change that will make it easier for non simulation users to understand what the objects do – and access the power of simulation. In addition, other features like the Analytics Panel (a visual, interactive resource, making it easier to see the best scenario at a glance) and Jump Start (an easy way to search all of the features in the SIMUL8 menu), make it clear that SIMUL8 2012 has been developed with the customer in mind.

Building on the ability to simulate any process and the visual and interactive element that is intrinsic to SIMUL8, SIMUL8 2012 has been designed to not only build, but understand and improve your internal business processes. For example, with the addition of BPMN, instead of just drawing out what a process looks like, Business Analysts can now use simulation to optimize their entire business process from end-to-end.

As a process improvement tool, there has been a large emphasis on developing SIMUL8 to have an even greater immediate and positive impact on efficiency and productivity – and this is visible with the release of SIMUL8 2012.

“I’m very proud that year after year we continue to release ‘real’ upgrades, and SIMUL8 2012 is no exception. The addition of Lean Value Stream Mapping and BPMN in this version is a huge leap forward in bringing the power of simulation to mainstream business process improvers. We’re confident that even more users will be benefitting from simulation driven process improvement soon” –Frances Sneddon, SIMUL8 Chief Technology Officer

If you like what you see, visit SIMUL8.com/2012, follow SIMUL8 on twitter @SIMUL8, to find out more about SIMUL8 2012.