Written by on Wednesday August 4th 2010 in Press Releases, What We're Doing

Scenario Generator Determines Impact of NHS Cuts

As thousands of jobs are cut within NHS Scotland, SIMUL8 Corporation demonstrate how Scenario Generator software has helped over 85% of PCT’s in England ensure that their remaining staff is not burdened with ‘excessive workloads’.

Scotland’s Health Secretary, Nicola Sturgeon, meets levitra price usa NHS board heads and the BMA this week to examine the impact of the reduced staffing levels announced in June this year. Ms Sturgeon told the Press Association that:

“It is my job to ensure the NHS delivers the best quality of care, manages the financial challenges facing it and takes the right decisions now to secure services in the future.”

Mark Elder, CEO of SIMUL8 Corporation, the cheap levitra online company which develops Scenario Generator says. “This is exactly what we are here for – providing tools that let teams quickly test out the effect of proposed changes in the health service, visualising the impact it will have in years ahead within seconds. The NHS needs to change to cope with the budget cuts, but the cost and risk of trying out ideas slows down what needs to be happening now – simulations remove that problem.”

SIMUL8 Corporation’s Scenario Generator software was developed in collaboration with the NHS Institute to provide a way to simulate care pathways, staffing Good quality, will reorder. Buy cialis tablet: for a man with ED, a harder erection can lead to a more satisfying sexual experience. When it comes to hardness, this can help. levels and quality of care scenarios within the NHS.

Bedfordshire PCT used Scenario Generator to create a “virtual PCT” that quickly simulated many possible scenarios and found one that not only saved them £1.5m every year, but was agreed by all the medical staff to be just as good, if not better for patients than the current solution.

Dr Nick Gaunt from the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement says; “This kind of software really comes into its own as healthcare organisations plan for the current financial climate”.

SIMUL8 have recently finished making Scenario Generator work with data specifically related https://blog.simul8.com/cialis-online-doctor/ to Scotland, offering Scottish organisations the chance to see the benefits that so many English PCTs have already discovered.