Written by on Tuesday January 15th 2013 in other, What We're Doing

Our European HQ Makes Appearance in Hollywood Movie

The long-awaited World War Z will be out this summer and we figure it’ll be the movie of the year; action packed and full of zombies… wait a second, why are WE so interested in a zombie apocalypse? Well, drum roll please…our European HQ is actually featured in the Hollywood blockbuster! Cool right?!

Brad Pitt on set of World War Z

For those of you who didn’t know, the center of Glasgow was transformed into the streets of Philadelphia ready to shoot some breathtaking scenes for World War Z.

Some of you might remember how excited our colleagues at the Glasgow office were when zombies invaded SIMUL8 European HQ and they realized they were in fact on the set of the movie.

Now the official trailer is out, which is even more exciting! Check it out and at 37 seconds you’ll see a truck speed past Brad Pitt’s car uncontrollably… and right past our office! You only get a brief glimpse, but we’re even more impatient now to see the full movie (and knowing us we’ll probably give a little cheer every time we see the office). Our 15 minutes of fame!

Glasgow, as strange as it may seem, has actually become quite a popular location for Hollywood producers. Cloud Atlas, another high-profile movie, was also shot in the city. So who knows, maybe our office will be starring in more movies to come. It’s all very exciting, but makes all of us here at the US office a little jealous!

SIMUL8 European HQ in World War Z