Written by on Monday May 17th 2010 in What We're Doing

Another NHS Primary Care Trust selects SIMUL8

NHS Oxfordshire has selected SIMUL8 Corporation modelling products to support service redesign, by improving productivity through smoother patient pathways, reduced waiting times and increased throughput of patients.

A team of Information Analysts from Oxfordshire PCT are to construct simulations of their Elective Care pathway using SIMUL8 Corporation modelling products. The simulations will demonstrate performance against key performance indicators (KPIs), such as patient waiting times and conversion rates, using operational data including:

The team will use the simulations to test out changes to the service, based on a set of potential scenarios to ensure that the optimum decisions are made on key areas such as staffing, capacities and associated costs prior to implementation within the NHS. The simulations enable the scenarios to be tested quickly at low risk, and low cost, increasing the number of scenarios which can be evaluated.

The team will use SIMUL8 Corporation’s advanced analytics simulation software SIMUL8 to highlight week by week flows, behaviour in peak periods and capacity of the work force. Once these operational issues have been simulated, the team will use Scenario Generator, SIMUL8 Corporation’s strategic modelling tool, to look at high-level issues.

Mark Elder, SIMUL8 Corporation’s CEO says:
“We are delighted that NHS Oxfordshire has selected SIMUL8 Corporation software to improve service. An increasing number of healthcare providers are turning to SIMUL8 to model leaner processes, improve service and reduce costs, and NHS Oxfordshire further strengthens our position in the marketplace”

Andrew Fenton, Head of Decision Support & Performance, says
“SIMUL8 provides the level of dynamic flow modelling required to simulate the complexity of the health system, build and test alternative scenarios and check for their impact on waiting times, costs, and key indicators. We look forward to making more extensive use of the SIMUL8 products.”