Written by on Friday July 5th 2013 in Latest News, News and Events

Happy National Workaholics Day!

Here in the US most people will be spending today recovering from our 4th of July celebrations, but a few will already be in the office catching up on emails from other dedicated souls who didn’t even take yesterday off. That’s why today is known as National Workaholics Day.

If you’re not a workaholic, maybe you know a few colleagues who are. Industrial Engineers and other process improvers are prone to be work addicts, because even when we’re in a line at the airport going on holiday we’re working out how we’d reorganize the process to get ourselves to the lounge faster! Perhaps you’re in denial, well here are a few questions to help you work out if you fall into the category of workaholic.

So today, break the cycle. Take 10 minutes off work and answer the survey, or take a proper lunch break, or leave work early, or at least try and get through the next hour without looking at your email! Me? I’m off to make a coffee and try not to work out how I could do it in a more efficient way. Baby steps…