Written by on Monday October 28th 2013 in Resources, Technical Corner

Latest Healthcare workshop now online: Balancing Patient Satisfaction and Staff Efficiency

In this workshop, Seth Hostetler, from Geisinger Health System, discusses how he used simulation modeling to help design a new on-demand meal delivery process for inpatient units.

This project posed several conflicting objectives, including patient satisfaction and staff efficiency. He will describe how using simulation modeling he was able to provide valuable information to the design process. This also allowed management the ability to make informed decisions when making choices, as there was always a trade-off being made between objectives.

Seth has led and worked on many process improvement projects in healthcare. He focuses most of his work in the care support services, working to improve the logistics and support processes.

Examples of his past and current projects include: warehouse design and improvements, developing a new recall management process, sterile instrument tracking and supply delivery methods, and designing new workflows for inpatient unit staff.