Written by on Wednesday May 23rd 2012 in Events

IIE Conference Helping SIMUL8 Understand Customers

This week we headed to The Annual IIE Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida. This is an event that attracts attendees from all over the world, including leaders, engineers and department professionals. The conference is also considered the premier event for the world’s leading industrial and systems engineers.

With sessions and workshops on topics that are important to SIMUL8 Corporation like Lean, Operational Research and Simulation it was a great place to take in all the best practice and contacts to help us advance through 2012.

It was also a fantastic opportunity for networking and our US Sales Manager, Karen Raeburn said “the welcome reception was a great opportunity to network with various people from the conference. I loved how they opened the exhibit hall at night, haven’t seen this at a conference before and was great way of bringing people to the exhibitors”.

The Annual IIE Conference and Expo had something for everyone, and the pre-conference workshops offered great skill enhancing tools with a large focus on career advancement and development.

For those not familiar with the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), it’s the world’s largest professional society dedicated solely to the support of the industrial engineering profession. IIE also supports individuals involved with improving quality and productivity.

IIE events are great for SIMUL8 Corporation because with a common goal of improving the future efforts of organizations, it’s an ideal opportunity to learn about the latest innovations from industry leading companies.

With our continuous work to help others improve production capabilities it is important to share experiences and business successes to offer our customers quality to successfully execute their projects.

Attending The Annual IIE Conference also helped us understand the current issues and trends our users are facing allowing us to provide industry leading software that will offer users a foundation for success. This is especially helpful in an economic climate that hasn’t proven stable in a few years.

Gathering a complete understanding of different processes by attending events like The Annual IIE Conference enables us to not only understand our customers, but also develop software that improves various processes.