How simulation & Lean improved passenger experience at London’s Gatwick Airport

Read our case study to learn how London’s Gatwick Airport used simulation and Lean techniques to improve the check-in process at its busy South Terminal. Developed using SIMUL8 software, the project was so successful that Gatwick Airport is now using the simulation to maintain overall passenger service from the point passengers enter the airport to the time they board the plane.

Gatwick Airport is one of the largest single runway airports in the world, with around 34.2 million passengers passing through the airport each year. The Six Sigma team at Gatwick Airport approached SIMUL8 to investigate ways to improve the check-in process, allowing them to test scenarios in a risk-free environment, thus minimizing any disruption caused to passengers. Working with SIMUL8’s consultants, the team were able to produce simulations of their check-in process and lounge areas that included real flight schedules and airline information. Check out the full case study on the SIMUL8 website.

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