Written by on Wednesday January 9th 2013 in What We're Thinking

Go Green in 2013 with SIMUL8

Ok, so we still have a few months before Earth Day, but when it comes to our planet why not take action today?

With increasing concern for the planet we appreciate every effort to reduce CO2 emissions. Here at SIMUL8 Corporation we started considering if we are doing enough to reduce ours.

We think we are pretty good at it: we recycle, only print when necessary, encourage downloads over shipping and try not to waste energy.

That aside, we need to ask ourselves, is an assumption about how good we are really the best way to measure our green credentials?

In order to help organizations measure the carbon footprint of their processes more accurately, SIMUL8 has a carbon footprint calculator that allows you to analyze sustainability factors such as energy consumption and carbon emissions. These features allow processes to be designed and improved to take advantage of sustainability benefits.

It’s really easy to use, and even gives you a report with all the info you need to start making informed decisions about your CO2 emissions.

Now go, and be green with the power of SIMUL8!