Written by on Thursday September 26th 2013 in Resources, Technical Corner, Videos

Getting Started with YouSIMUL8 Private Channels

YouSIMUL8, the world’s first simulation sharing website, allows users to upload, share and interact with simulations from across the globe. YouSIMUL8 works alongside SIMUL8 software to offer even more benefits:

    1. YouSIMUL8 allows anyone to view and change simulations without having to buy and install simulation software. Users can control the simulations, see detailed results tables, and gain insight into their processes.

  1. The YouSIMUL8 window can be embedded in any website easily. That means that you can put your simulations anywhere, letting your customers, staff or visitors interact with them within any web page.
  2. YouSIMUL8 works in a web browser allowing users to view their simulations on any computer at anytime, share them with colleagues and clients easily and access their work everywhere.

YouSIMUL8 private channels are available to all SIMUL8 Professional customers on our Annual Maintenance package, allowing you to upload and share simulations privately and securely.  It’s become so popular over the last few months that we’ve created a brand new guide to get you started with Private Channels.  Check it out, let us know what you think.


If you’d like to find out more about getting your own YouSIMUL8 channel, contact us.