SIMUL8 Tip – Get combined contents chart across several objects

Content charts for objects are a great way to get quick results in a simulation and track how a queue can change during a run. But wait there’s more! You can also create combined contents charts that will show the sum of the contents of several objects in a single chart.

To make a combined contents chart, simply follow the steps below:

    1. Hold down Ctrl and select the objects you want to chart
    2. Go to the ‘Home’ menu and pick ‘Chart Selected’


  1. A chart will appear. You can then drag it into position by using the blue bar across the top of the chart
  2. Run the simulation
  3. You can now see the combined contents of the objects in the chart. (bonus tip – right-click in the chart area and choose to copy the data as an image or to the clipboard if you want to duplicate it in Microsoft Excel)