Written by on Thursday February 2nd 2012 in What We're Doing

Find Out More about Accessible Simulation Methods for Healthcare Improvements

There are few cities as exciting as Las Vegas. With the bright lights, luxurious hotels and 5 star restaurants, there really is something for everyone. Now, before any rumors start, we’re going for business not pleasure, but we know we’ll enjoy ourselves at this year’s  Society for Health Systems (SHS) Conference that’s going to be held at The Mirage Hotel from Feb 18-20.

Mirage_hotel_exteriorThis event will focus on the best ways to improve processes in healthcare systems. As you already know, at SIMUL8 Corporation we pride ourselves on producing world renowned dynamic, innovative simulation software that improves processes, so attending this conference is a great opportunity to showcase our work. Plus, our very own Claire Cordeaux and Fiona Lindsay will be presenting a poster on ‘making simulation easy to use’ in the Exhibit Hall.

With SIMUL8’s aim to improve software and simulation development to overcome barriers for use in healthcare, our poster describes the methods we have developed to try and bridge the gap.

The topic chosen for this year’s poster is heavily aligned with both our aim, and the aim of SHS; to tackle healthcare industry problems and advance healthcare systems.

Improving healthcare means identifying trade-offs between resource utilization, waiting times, operating costs and the quality of care. This year’s conference gives us the opportunity to explore and share best practices in quality, productivity and efficiency for healthcare industry decision makers.

So while everyone else may be gambling their savings away in Vegas, we get to show how discrete event simulation allows healthcare administrators to experiment with solutions without putting patients at risk, and can manage more complexity than the traditionally used spreadsheet analysis. Who’s the winner now?