Written by on Wednesday December 7th 2011 in Events, Press Releases, What We're Doing

Automotive Users get In Gear

Yesterday, along with PMC, we hosted an exclusive event in Livonia, Michigan for major automotive users. Speaking at the event were representatives from GM, Ford and Chrysler, all sharing a common use of SIMUL8 simulation software to maximize their production throughputs and efficiencies.


After the event Kenny, our Automotive Account Manager said:

“Between SIMUL8 Corporation and PMC, we share a passion for improving peoples’ processes. Automakers are at the leading edge of simulation use, and today was a great chance to bring them all together and put the wheels in motion for a forward thinking community. Our objective was to get them to share their ideas – each offering something unique to the other. While these guys are ahead of the game, we have only just scratched the surface of simulation in the automotive world. By creating an automotive community of simulation users we can help each other produce far more vehicles, in a better way, than on our own”

The event  saw suppliers to the ’Big 3’ in attendance. Meanwhile,  users from India and China were able to hear about work from their colleagues in North America by video conference.

It was a very exciting day for networking, exchanging ideas and sharing learning points. We also had the chance to showcase some of the latest features,  techniques and technologies now available with SIMUL8.

Plans are already in place to repeat the event next year, with the community likely to grow as the need for fast, efficient, error free production increases!