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Vincent Knight covers Selfish Behavior in Queues

We’re always excited to see what our users do with SIMUL8, and last week Vincent Knight, a Lecturer in Operational Research at Cardiff University gave a short talk to a group of potential undergraduates visiting his university. SIMUL8 was a large part of his presentation and we’re delighted to share this with you! Vincent’s talk was based on his research and covered queuing theory and gaming theory, as well as Vincent’s research area (the intersection of these two theories). Check out this quick video Vincent made explaining his talk:

If you’d like to go through the slides head here:


(Vincent suggests waiting while the simulation loads before navigating the slides because there seems to be something that goes wrong. You can’t see the simulation till you navigate to it I would suggest waiting about a minute…)

The actual simulation can be found on YouSIMUL8, our simulation sharing community and can be viewed here


If you’ve found this useful please let us know, or if  you’ve done a recent talk, presentation or project with SIMUL8 share it with us – we’d love to see it!