Written by on Monday December 17th 2012 in Press Releases

This Year We’re Helping Santa Save Christmas…

and the good news is you can help too by going to SIMUL8.com/santa!

This week at SIMUL8 Corporation we have been helping our favorite jolly man with a very important task… saving Christmas.

With the number of children growing each year, Santa faces an increasingly difficult task; how to make enough toys in time for the Christmas Eve delivery.

Santa has admitted he is not the most organized person, and with Mrs. Claus stressing out because Santa has left everything until the last minute AGAIN, they have decided they need to take a totally new approach.

After last year’s stress Mrs. Claus said enough was enough and called us at SIMUL8 Corporation. She noticed our website mentioned process improvement and how we could improve production processes and she knew we were the answer!

With a little support and training from us, Santa has built a simple simulation of his production process and uploaded it to SIMUL8.com/santa. Now he needs your help to find the most efficient system for production for 2013.

How many elves should he employ? How many presents will he need? Will the elves be able to take a vacation next year?

Go to SIMUL8.com/santa now and help Santa make 2013 the most efficient Christmas ever!