Written by on Wednesday September 23rd 2015 in Latest News, Resources

SIMUL8 Launches E-Learning Course

Developed by our expert consultants, this self-paced e-learning course covers all the topics that you need to get started.


Simulation is a bit like driving a car – it’s easy to do, but much easier if someone actually shows you how. This is why we put so much emphasis into our training offerings at SIMUL8. The sooner you’re up and running, the sooner you can start transforming your process performance.


After talking with customers we learned that the one thing missing from our option of training programs was an online version, for learning at your own pace as you build your simulation. That’s why we’ve created SIMUL8 Academy, our new self-paced e-learning tool.



SIMUL8 Academy covers all the topics that you need to get started: from the art of simulation, to structuring your first simulation, adding input data and applying detailed control rules. By the end of the training you will have the confidence and knowledge to start building simulations of your own processes.


Ken Doole, Executive VP of Customer Relations said:

“We are devoted to making our users successful with our software, and that’s why we include e-learning with our main products. The objective of building a simulation is to solve a problem and make decisions, so anything we can do to help you get there faster is our top priority.”


We believe our users are most successful when they have access to training, and that’s why we’ve decided to include our e-learning tool with any purchases of SIMUL8 Professional. Training will kickstart your simulation skills and maximize the time you spend improving processes.


If you’re interested in finding out more about SIMUL8 Academy then visit our training page or get in touch.