Written by on Thursday March 13th 2014 in Latest News, News and Events

SIMUL8 2014 – A release for users, by users

Every release of SIMUL8 has been user driven. But given this year SIMUL8 Corporation celebrates its 20th year it was even more important to us to make sure every feature came from a user. We wanted to celebrate and thank all our loyal users, and what better way to do it than give you an awesome new release?!

Our primary focus was to make it even easier and quicker for our users to build simulations. The simulation model is not the objective, the objective is to solve your problem. So we want you to be able to spend as much of your time as possible analyzing your results, not building your simulation.

We set about understanding what you were having to use Visual Logic for, what was difficult for you to model and identifying any repeated uses and then we turned into check box features.

However we wanted to do more than just make you happy, we wanted to delight you. Yes we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our innovative spirit!

Simulation has always been synonymous with visualization and 2014 is going to take this even further with new exciting object displays that transform your object animation into dynamic result tools delivering in depth insight as your simulation runs. Then there are the resources, wait until you see the power and flexibility we’ve added to them!

I hope you enjoy SIMUL8 2014. Our teams of customer advocates, product managers, developers and testers have all worked incredibly hard to ensure SIMUL8 2014 is a release of real value, packed with features you need, a step change for our users.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and If you ever want to chat simulation get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. Now back to that SIMUL8 2015 spec…

If you want to be the first to see all the SIMUL8 2014 features in action, then sign up for our Feature Preview Webinar on March 19, 11am Eastern.


Frances Sneddon, CTO SIMUL8 Corporation