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SIMUL8 2019 has arrived

SIMUL8 2019 has arrived, bringing with it a host of great new features that deliver maximum simulation insight with minimum build time.

As we approach our 25 year anniversary this year, our focus remains on enabling you to build simulations quickly and intuitively so you can concentrate on using insight from them to make better, informed decisions.

SIMUL8 2019 is another user-driven release that focuses on doing exactly that – reducing time to build simulations without compromising on power. In fact, every SIMUL8 2019 feature has been suggested and voted for by Annual Maintenance users over the last year.

To thank them for their great ideas and input, we gave them exclusive first access to SIMUL8 2019 back in December! We’ve already had great feedback from them and we can’t wait for the entire SIMUL8 community to get the chance to try out these latest additions.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that every SIMUL8 release is driven by you, our users, and SIMUL8 2019 is no exception. Thanks to your input, we’re continuing to deliver meaningful enhancements to the features that you as simulation builders use every day.

With features like Multi-task Timing, SIMUL8 2019 delivers even greater speed and control when building simulations, as well as new ways to analyze and visualize results, thanks to the limitless potential of R Integration.

We can’t wait to see how you will make the most of these exciting features and as always, we greatly welcome your feedback!

Frances Sneddon, CTO, SIMUL8 Corporation

What’s new in SIMUL8 2019?

SIMUL8 2019 is another meaningful release with features that will truly make a difference to how you build and analyze your simulations.

R Integration

SIMUL8 users can export simulation results to many other applications to conduct further analysis or present their results to stakeholders in a different way. R Integration offers a whole new way to analyze and visualize your results using the popular open-source statistics and data mining tool.

Learn more about R Integration

Multi-task Timing

Using one simulation object, this feature allows you to control an Activity’s overall process time by defining multiple sub-tasks that occur in that same Activity. Each sub-task can also have its own process time, resource and image.

Learn more about Multi-task Timing

Pick and Place by Condition

In previous versions of SIMUL8, the Pick and Place feature could be used to simulate Work Items being added to and removed from a Conveyor. With SIMUL8 2019, we’ve further enhanced this feature with the ability to pick and place Work Items at any point of a Conveyor based on series of conditions you can define.

Learn more about Pick and Place by Condition

Batch by Condition

Batch by Condition is a new method of routing in available to Activities and Conveyors. It allows for multiple conditions to be defined which tell the Activity or Conveyors to only accept Work Items when these conditional statements are met.

Learn more about Batch by Condition

Shift Dependent Conveyors

Many SIMUL8 users will have used the Shifts functionality for Resources, Activities or even Start Points. Now with SIMUL8 2019, Shifts can be also assigned to Conveyors. You can set Conveyor operating hours based on assigned shift patterns, giving even more flexibility when simulating conveyors.

Learn more about Shift Dependent Conveyors

Other improvements

As well as these additions, SIMUL8 2019 also brings host of improvements to SIMUL8’s existing features, including new Visual Logic commands.

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Get access to SIMUL8 2019

SIMUL8 2019 is now available for all new license purchases of SIMUL8 Basic, Professional or Team.

As mentioned, Annual Maintenance users have already received an email invitation giving them first access to SIMUL8 2019’s new features.

This release also follows the ground-breaking launch of the SIMUL8 Online beta in November. We’re excited to announce that beta testers already have access to SIMUL8 2019 – completely online and download-free!

Send us your feedback or questions

We really hope you love SIMUL8 2019 as much as we do. Our teams of customer advocates, product managers, developers and testers have all been working hard to ensure this releases delivers what you need to make faster, informed decisions in the year ahead.

If you have any questions or feedback about SIMUL8 2019, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.