Improving Laboratory Flow With Simulation webinar

Live webinar: Thursday November 16th, 11am (ET) / 4pm (BST)


Laboratory bottlenecks can impact a whole hospital, affecting costs, length of stay, and patient outcomes.

When redesigning laboratories to improve efficiency, there are significant costs and potential risks to consider. Any potential changes should be fully assessed to understand how they will impact against performance metrics.

SIMUL8 has been utilized to improve laboratories in many ways, including:

  • Assessing the impact and ROI of new machinery
  • Selecting optimal layouts
  • Understanding how the current system will cope with demand changes
  • Testing total lab automation

Join our live webinar session on November 16th with Tom Stephenson, Senior Healthcare Consultant at SIMUL8 Corporation, as he discusses his experience of designing laboratory simulations and shares best practice advice and techniques.


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