Written by on Friday June 29th 2012 in What We're Doing

Fully Funded PhD Studentship

We’re supporting a PhD research project at Loughborough University, a leading European academic institution. The project, managed by renowned simulation researchers Dr Antuela Tako and Professor Stewart Robinson, is based at Loughborough’s School of Business and Economics, north of London, England.

Mark Elder, SIMUL8 Corporation’s Founder, said: “We are really pleased to be involved in supporting this research opportunity and will do everything we can to help the appointed student. This project is looking at how simulation projects proceed, from first client realization that they have an issue, to the point where the client knows what to do and heads off to implement the solution. So it’s not looking at technical aspects of models or data, much more at the softer side of projects – although the successful candidate will be looking at data sets we collect from some users on how they technically use our software, as well as watching consulting projects in action to identify key behaviors that lead to success”.

A fully funded grant is being made available to the top research student who will begin their research at the School of Business and Economics over the next academic year. The School is an internationally acclaimed center of research excellence and plays a leading role in the development of new knowledge and understanding across all its fields of activity.

For someone interested in simulation research, this is an exciting opportunity to get the help and support they need. Their work will be supervised by Dr Antuela Tako and Professor Stewart Robinson, who both have an impressive track record in simulation research.

We’re also  keen to offer additional support and information to the student in the form of access to non-confidential real-life data and consulting projects. This is part of SIMUL8’s on-going support of academic research in simulation at top universities both world-wide and in the US.

The project is due to commence in the next academic year at Loughborough University, and applications are still being accepted. To find out more about the requirements or to apply, visit http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/sbe/research/business/phd/studentships/mido.html