Written by on Thursday November 10th 2011 in Friday Tips, The SIMUL8 Brain

Friday’s Tip- Label Based Resources

This week’s tip will show you how to select a resource that will process work at a Work Center based on the label value of the work item.

As this Friday’s Tip is titled ‘Label Based Resources’ you may be wondering what ‘Label Based Resources’ do. Let me fill you in; Label Based Resources allow the Resource that is required at a Work Center to be determined according to a Label Value.

Confused? Don’t be, it’s easy. Here’s how you do it:

Once your model is set up click on  the Work Entry Point, we use Actions to set up a label called Type. We set it to have a value of 1 – 4.

In Work Center 1, in Resources, we add each of our 4 available resources. We tick “select resource by label”, now Resource 1 will process all work of type 1, Resource 2 will process all work of type 2 etc.

If you’re wondering where this can be used, a call center is a good example of where this would be implemented. I hope you found this helpful. How do you think Label Based Resources can improve your processes?